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"New Hampshire Issues"
Peter Martin

 We film local and state-wide events and programs that people want to see.  We also     film The New Hampshire Board of Education Meetings in Concord.    Link to your left.

Let us know if you have or know of an important event we might film.
Coming Programs online:
 ~"Salt Hill Pub Comes to Newport"
 ~High Lights of, "The Day The Old Cars Came To New London, New Hampshire"
 ~High Lights of, "Return To Gould Hill Apple Farm"
 ~High Lights of, "The Annual Slush Pond Event" at Mt. Sunapee
 ~High Lights of, "The Annual Newport Talent Show"
 ~High Lights of, "The Visit To Bartlett's Blueberry Farm"
 ~See, "Sunapee Invite"  now online look upper left
 ~See, "Newport Revite"  now online, look upper left
 ~Learn about "Charter Schools"  How They Solve Dropout Rates and More in NH
 ~New Hampshire Board of Educations meetings, now online look upper left
Films You Can Click OnTo
George Russell in Boston

Watch Jam Stage George Russell
Show # 1 Filmed in
April 2007

 We will be adding other films as we are able to upload them.
Thank you, for watching
 Exquisite Productions Films
Super Bill Kathan Jr world champion

For the Sunapee Planning Session
 click here

For The Sunapee
Library Proposal
click here

"Two Bridges"
A Special Film
on The Two Wooden Railroad
Covered Bridges in Newport, N.H.
only 8 left in the world.
Help save these bridges.
Click here to hear Newport Historical Society Fundraising Chair about the film
Newport, New Hampshire
Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner
Held on January 31, 2008
Citizen of the year award presented to
Mr. Roy Malool

Click Here
To View The
Shoreland Protection Act
presented to The UVLSRPC
on March 25th 2008

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