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New Hampshire State Board of Education

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The Board Members are appointed
1 from each of the 5  State Districts and two at Large, all listed below.

Members of
The New Hampshire State Board
 of Education

John E. Lyons, Jr., Chairman
 (At Large)

Fred Bramante (at large)
Helen G. Honorow (District 5)
Daphne A. Kenyon - (District 3)
John R. Rist - (District 4)
Thomas Raffio (District 2)
William Walker (District 1)
Members in RED Leaving Board
They were great and will be missed.

 Virginia Barry
Commissioner of Education
State of NH Department of Education

 They normally meet the 3rd
Wednesday of each month in Concord, NH at the Department of Education Location.
Other times they meet away from Concord.
Check the State of NH website monthly.
You will be provided with the agenda, the date and location of each meeting, as available.  Then, Shortly thereafter each meeting, you will be able to view all Public parts of each meeting on this Site or on DVD, available to DVD club members.
If you are looking to improving education and what works and what doesn't, these meetings open you to: ideas, studies, programs that you, your educators, your parents, schools and Taxpayers
need to know.
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Review the State of NH Education Department
site for information important to education.
Thank you for your comments and for watching the important meetings of the NH Board of Education.
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We are currently editing previous two meeting and they will be online soon.  White Mt. will be upgraded with Power Point frames added soon and will change.

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